Improving physical rehabilitation outcome

and experience through simple wearable technology.








Musculoskeletal disorders are the largest and fastest growing cost for global healthcare systems. Yet up to 50% of patients demonstrate poor adherence to exercise rehabilitation.

The         Platform

Cara aims to optimise rehabilitation for the benefit of both the patient and the healthcare provider.

Interactive Exercise

Strap on a single wearable sensor and and perform exercises. Receive guidance throughout on technique, range of motion and number of repetitions.

Progress Monitoring

Self-monitoring platform for patient alongside remote access for clinician to access data such as adherence, pain and condition-specific measures.


Eradicate paper handouts with stimulating pathology specific visual material in various formats, tailored to the healthcare provider's requests.


Facilitate effective and efficient contact with secure online communication between patient and clinician.

"I found it very helpful, a fantastic aid because it was a bit like having an instructor while I was doing the exercises."

"You feel like you've a friend in the room with this, it's talking to you and giving you information on your performance. I think it's an excellent idea I really do."

"It was just so positive, it was just brilliant. It meant that I was in control."

Patient Testimonials

Clinician Testimonials

"I think that they would rehab quicker and be more confident in their rehab, that's the best thing."

"I think it will have a fantastic impact on the patient. I can’t overemphasise the amount of times that people, when they see themselves progressing they go much further. They really get a sense of wellbeing, accomplishment."

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